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CBD or THC Lube

CBD or THC Lube How does it Work ?

There is no doubt that libido is one of the most underrated subject areas concerning physical attraction and sex, leading to insecurities and difficulties in the bedroom. It is commonly believed that appearance and personality are the primary factors that determine how people relate to each other, their body image, and their level of self-confidence, but many people suffer from low or low sexual drive. Quite a few of them are unaware of this fact.


Everyone has a different level of sexual drive and libido, and it is difficult for many individuals suffering from low libido to know what to do about it. Among the wide range of sex enhancement, libido boosting, and sex enhancement products available, personal experimentation is often necessary before a final judgment can be made regarding their effectiveness and satisfaction level. 


It is normal to get frustrated by trial and error over time, and trying to find something that works to boost your declining libido or sex drive can hurt your finances. The good news is that high-quality cannabis plants are eminently potent and have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as aphrodisiacs. It is reported that cannabis can turn up the heat in the bedroom. 


Cannabis is known for its pain-relieving and stress-relieving properties. In general, it is also known to have adverse effects. There are several misconceptions associated with marijuana. Among the many functions, CBD and THC support in the body are sexual health, reproduction, and sexual desire. Let’s explore what CBD and THC lube do to your libido.


Sex drive and low libido


Low self-esteem is often caused by low libido. While not everyone suffers from low sexual drive or difficulties with sexual performance, it is likely true that a few people do. Despite popular belief, not only men but also women also experience challenges with the sense of physical desire and their intimate lives in the bedroom.


Low libido impacts women and men, and the issue is just less discussed. As a result of low libido or lack of sex drive, you may struggle with maintaining physical intimacy, and cannabis and CBD may be the perfect solution to help you rev up your engine and ignite the sparks in the bedroom again.


Cannabis Cannabinoids and Sex Drive


A long-standing association between cannabis use and a reduced desire for sexual activity has existed. It has been a long time since science has been able to provide scientific evidence which supports this claim. According to some studies, marijuana can dampen the amount of libido in a person, and then other studies suggest otherwise. Let’s examine scientific and medical research regarding cannabis and sexual drive to separate truth from fiction.


Many factors can influence sexual drive, so it is a very complex topic. Several factors, whether seemingly unrelated or unrelated to performance, such as sleep, diet, pain, depression, or anxiety, can affect one’s ability to perform at the right time.


There is evidence that marijuana may increase or decrease libido, though the desired effects depend on several factors, including marijuana strains and types. In some cases, cannabis can enhance libido and improve sexual performance when used properly, but there are also potential downsides.


Cannabis plants contain both CBD and THC, which interact with specific receptors in the body and brain called CB1 and CB2. Unlike cannabinoids, endocannabinoids are synthesized inside the body. Several receptors, primarily CB1 and CB2, bind and interact with endocannabinoids in the ECS. In turn, these receptors regulate various aspects of sexual and reproductive function and the response of human beings.


The plant marijuana contains cannabinoids responsible for influencing a wide range of physiological, mental, and physical systems in the human body. A particular area of interest is the interaction of cannabinoids with reproduction systems and sex hormones, both in males and females.


Cannabis Cannabinoids and the Male Sex Drive


Cannabinoid receptors in the body make up the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps to regulate bodily functions. All over the body, cannabinoid receptors interact with these receptors. Endocannabinoids work together with marijuana cannabinoids to influence several reproductive system functions, including libido and hormones, when they attach to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the reproductive system.


A consistent level of sex hormones is necessary for developing muscles and sex drive, as well as for sexual performance. Several factors can contribute to a premature or extreme decline in sex hormone production that interferes with male libido, including aging, health problems, environmental concerns, and lifestyle choices.


As with most body systems, homeostasis is vital for proper function. A high intake of cannabis Sativa can disrupt system homeostasis and negatively affect male fertility and reproductive health as it contains cannabinoids that modulate the male reproductive system. There are some health benefits to using cannabis in moderation for men. 


Cannabis Cannabinoids and the Female Sex Drive


Ovaries are also home to ECS cells in the female reproductive system. Cannabis cannabinoids, which are released into the female body by marijuana, assist in the release of exogenous cannabinoids that play a crucial role in regulating almost every stage of the ovarian cycle, from folliculogenesis and ovarian endocrine secretion to placentation and decidualization, as well as influence the sex hormones that control these processes.


The ECS in the female reproductive system interacts very favorably with CBD regarding health effects. It is thought that cannabinoids modulate certain receptors, balancing estrogen and androgen production, two female hormones influencing a woman’s desire to have sex.


Sex Drive and Libido of Males and Females: Factors that affect the level of libido in both genders


Several scientific studies have shown that one of the keys to enhancing sex drive in a relationship is to control health-related and emotional issues that indirectly contribute to the levels of sexual desire. Also, it should be noted that there is also the possibility that aging may naturally lead to a decline in sex drives. The most common factors contributing to mood disturbances include pain, high-stress levels, hormonal imbalances, and certain medications. 


The individual’s libido can vary considerably and fluctuate naturally over time. Besides relationships, sleep, habit changes, and mental health, other factors, including hormone imbalances, play a role. The good news is that marijuana contains cannabinoids that can counteract these concerns and even help improve libido to a certain extent.


Anxiety and Poor Libido


The lack of libido in men and women is more often attributed to anxiety than any other factor. Many symptoms are associated with sex-related anxiety, manifesting at any time of the year. Despite stimulation or activity, some people’s desire for sexual activity remains low. 


Numerous symptoms can accompany this disorder, such as disinterest, difficulty with arousal, female lubrication problems, male ejaculation and erection problems, and failure to experience an orgasm or climax. 


It has been observed that for others, stress and worries about sex can lead to anxiety about sexual performance, which makes it hard to have a satisfying sexual experience. Concerning intimacy or sex, anxiety may be severe, which may not be easily overcome by behavioral modifications, conventional medications, or other forms of treatment. An individual who experiences fear and anxiety when in intimate situations suffers from a condition known as genophobia” or “erotophobia4”.


Libido Imbalances and Hormonal Imbalances


Several factors are involved in sexual thought, interest, and performance, as well as hormones. Even though several factors can slow down a man’s sex drive, hormones are arguably the most common, and they often disrupt more than just a person’s libido. There are many differences between individuals regarding hormonal irregularities, but they can also impact other libido factors, such as sleep, appetite, mood, etc.


Low libido is a widespread problem among men and women, particularly those with hormonal imbalances. When women reach perimenopause, menopause, and andropause in their middle years, their natural sex drive typically declines from a steady state, which often happens between the ages of 40 and 55.


It is common for women suffering from hormonal imbalances to experience a decrease in their sex drive, their energy levels, and a rise in mood disorders as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone production change permanently. Various health conditions, including pregnancy or medical procedures, like hysterectomy, affect sex drive by altering hormone levels, resulting in an imbalance of sex drive. Sexual pleasure responses are lowered in men due to hormonal fluctuations and deficiencies, leading to performance problems and muscle loss. 


Stress and Sex Drive


Stress dampens libido immediately. Stress has been proven to affect the body and its functions adversely. The stress hormone cortisol, in combination with other libido killers, can hinder men and women from engaging in sexual activity mentally and physically. Often, stress is accompanied by anxiety. There are anxiolytic effects in CBD products, which can help reduce stress, stabilize mood, and boost libido.


ED – Erectile Dysfunction and Libido

Men may experience erectile dysfunction because of low libido, which may cause stress, performance anxiety, and lack of self-confidence. 


If a man has difficulty getting an erection from time to time when he is sexually excited, it is normal for them to experience some difficulty with it. But if that problem occurs more often, then the problem may indicate a possible physical or mental condition: erectile dysfunction (ED). 


A person suffering from ED may often be able to resolve this problem with the proper medication, therapy, or assistive device. The properties of medical cannabis have been found to boost blood circulation to counteract the effects of erectile dysfunction.


Is Cannabis-Rich CBD Lube Effective in Combating Orgasms?


Aside from its anti-anxiety properties, marijuana has also been found to contribute to the enhancement of moods. In several studies, the psychoactive substance known as THC, present in cannabis, has been shown to enhance mood and alleviate the negative feelings associated with sexual tension and pressure. As a result, it may have a potential dampening effect on libido for some males, which can make it difficult for them to carry out regular sexual activity due to impaired physical response. 


Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychotomimetic compound that shows high efficacy in treating anxiety disorders, including disorders that involve sex and libido as well. A new study examining the effects of CBD on anxiety suggests that doses of 300 to 600 milligrams of CBD5 can significantly reduce anxiety symptoms in people. In addition to this study, many other scientific and clinical studies indicate that CBD has positive therapeutic effects on anxiety and common mood disorders, which could prove greatly helpful in controlling sexual issues.


Even though numerous studies are showing the efficacy of both cannabinoids in reducing pain and inflammation as a result of applying them topically or by eating, vaping, or smoking them, both cannabinoids have therapeutic effects.


What are the benefits of CBD and THC lube for libido?


Several adverse effects caused by hormonal irregularities can be alleviated by CBD, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, physical attraction, and the desire to enjoy sexual activity. There has been limited clinical evidence showing that THC and CBD can be used as lubricants. The problem is that many people rely on cannabidiol-containing products, such as lubes and suppositories that contain CBD and THC, to improve their sexual satisfaction and libido.


It increases lubrication – Cannabis-infused sexual lubricants, especially CBD varieties, may benefit those suffering from dryness during sexual activity. Especially when painful, vaginal dryness can make sexual activity difficult for some women. 


The reason behind frequent painful sex is often physical or health-related, and most women who experience this problem are middle-aged or postmenopausal women. As far as Dyspareunia is concerned, it is estimated that up to 18 percent of female adults suffer from it each year6. The condition results in physical and emotional distress, impacting self-confidence, libido, relationships, and overall quality of life.


This product prevents ED, which most men have difficulty achieving and maintaining erections because CBD-based lubricants help to improve this situation. According to studies, CBD lube increases blood flow to reproductive and sex organs, enhancing function and response, thus helping to improve erectile dysfunction symptoms and performance duration. 


There is a possibility that optimizing blood circulation might hold the key to reducing the incidents of ED in patients suffering from it. Some evidence suggests that Sativa cannabis strains significantly improve the ejaculatory function and sensation of males with erectile dysfunction.


Improves Nerve Sensitivity – CBD and THC both help to improve nerve function in the body. Men and women who suffer from low libido and are experiencing problems with sexual performance commonly have decreased sensitivity. Various anecdotal reports have been cited as suggesting the ECS is a means by which nerve communications, signals, and pleasure sensations can be amplified by increased blood flow and enhanced cellular communication. 


It has been shown that applying CBD to the genitalia can help improve feelings of sexual arousal so that women are more likely to climax and experience orgasms, and men can perform better during sex. It has been proven that CBD reduces inflammation, speeds up muscle recovery, relieves discomfort, enhances pleasure sensations, and increases libido. In this context, CBD-infused lubricants can also improve natural “wetness” in women and “stiffness” in men, which increases the pleasure associated with sexual activities and improves sexual arousal.


What you need to know about using cannabis lube to boost your libido and sexual performance

If you intend to use THC-infused lubricants for sex, it is helpful to remember what type of sexual activity you will be involved in. As well as for masturbation, some lubricants are available for other sexual behaviors. Aside from the pros and cons of each sex lube type, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of silicone, oil, and other medium-based sex lubes. 


  • The water solution
  • Petroleum-based or oil-based
  • A silicone-based product
  • The aloe vera plant


Consider the material of lubricants you use when using toys and condoms for sexual experiences. In particular, water-based lubricants are among the safest and recommended, especially for people with chemical allergies and those who are sensitive to latex. However, the type of lubricant most suitable for your skin depends on how your preferences match the kind of lubricant. Aside from CBD- and THC-rich cannabis strains, a wide range of strains have varying effects on the user.


Although topical application of marijuana to the vagina or penis is considered the most effective method of administering marijuana’s libido and sexual benefits, many people report positive libido effects upon eating, smoking, and vaping marijuana when using cannabis-infused suppositories.


When using cannabis lube, you should use the following techniques to administer it safely:


  • Ensure that one hand is lubricated before applying it to the genital area by rubbing it gently.
  • Prep your sex toys with lube.
  • Before bed, apply lube directly to your penis or vagina.
  • Lubricate the penis before or after you use a condom.
  • You can use marijuana lubricant suppositories for intercourse by inserting them into the desired orifice.


Marijuana can be consumed in edibles, topicals, extracts, and smoked to support libido. You should choose a consumption method that works best for your circumstances. It is not only used for lubrication that many people use cannabis. Many use it to alleviate health issues and symptoms that hinder their ability to focus on or enjoy intimate encounters. Additionally, it is reported to improve libido and sexual function.


You Can Get Your Groove Back With Cannabis Lube


Do CBD and THC lubes boost libido? There is a verdict! Marijuana-infused lubricants are widely used to boost sexual endurance, response, and performance. While cannabis Sativa has been associated with negative connotations, growing evidence indicates that reduced stress levels and specific cannabinoid interactions with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and reproductive organs have a powerful effect on sexual performance.


Those who experience unusual, unpleasant sensations or reactions in intimate situations or experience low sexual interest or performance difficulties should consult a physician to rule out diseases and disorders that can be treated. Treatment of the causes can often help restore libido. A CBD or THC lubricant can boost sexual desire and help with low libido.

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