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What is the waiting time for a NY medical marijuana card?

What is the waiting time for a NY medical marijuana card?

Even though possession and consumption of cannabis are now legal for adults in NY, there are no legal means to obtain cannabis intended for recreational use. Imagine, however, that you would like to use cannabis therapeutically and you are interested in finding out more.


Depending on the situation, you may be able to obtain a medical card from a healthcare provider that has been certified by the State of New York and then purchase regulated cannabis products from one of the state’s licensed medical dispensaries. People often decide not to get their medical cards because they believe the process is too complicated or time-consuming. 


Telemedicine has enabled you to get a medical card in just a few days, thanks to the ease of getting it.


Get your medical card quickly and conveniently with telemedicine.


It is common for practitioners to certify patients through remote appointments where they can speak face-to-face over Zoom (or some other platform) over the internet. 


As a result, you can make an appointment right from your smartphone, are fully compliant with HIPAA rules, and are provided with an easy and convenient method of obtaining your health card. 


With NY Marijuana, we can get you a medical marijuana card in a few days.

What is the typical time frame from start to finish?


Even though each practitioner’s process is unique, it is possible to complete it in as little as 15 minutes. 


The time it will take from start to finish for you to receive your medical card will depend on whether or not you receive your documents from your healthcare provider immediately or whether they send them to you later.


Several practitioners will offer you the option of getting certified “on the spot,” which means they will enter your information into their medical cannabis data management system, produce the certificate of certification for you, and send it to you immediately. 


It may take your practitioner until after your appointment to complete the entire process.


It usually takes 24 and 36 hours for your certificate to reach you via email if you don’t receive it immediately. It comes down to what your practitioner prefers and when they are available. 


Some practitioners may ask you about your medical cannabis experience and why you want to try it. Depending on what treatments you have tried and how well they worked for you, the doctor might ask you some questions. 


The medical program has recently changed, giving practitioners the right to certify you for any condition they believe the drug will benefit, which used to require practitioners to confirm that you had a qualifying condition.

What is the timeframe for “Registering” a certification on


To keep your certification valid, you must register it on as soon as you become certified. Usually, it will take three to five minutes to get your account set up, but you may have to wait longer if you don’t have one or forget your login information since this often takes longer. If you want to know more about registering for your certification, you can find more information from the OCM by reading this guide. A temporary card will be generated for you once you have completed the registration process so that you will be able to visit an NYS dispensary. Whenever the medical cannabis data management system is experiencing intermittent outages, you must bring your certificate to the dispensary so that they can verify your status. After months of being down, the system will be back online this week after being offline for months.

How to look for a telemedicine provider?


There are plenty of websites online that you can access that will connect you with an experienced practitioner that specializes in providing medical cannabis certification through remote appointments through the use of telemedicine. Our team at NY Marijuana Card is one of the top, one-stop telemedicine providers in New York who can help you obtain mmj card so that you can purchase cannabis legally in the city. 


How long does it take to receive your physical card in the mail?


It has been reported that your physical “Registry ID Card” should arrive in the mail in 7 to 10 business days, according to the website of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer. Our personal experience was that it could take ten days to receive your temporary card and certification document. However, you can still visit a dispensary as long as you bring them with you.

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