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New Update: Caregivers and cannabis patients can now grow medical marijuana in New York

New Update: Caregivers and cannabis patients can now grow medical marijuana in New York

There have been regulations issued on Tuesday by the New York State Cannabis Control Board regarding the rules for patients and caregivers regarding growing medical cannabis at home. Having the ability to cultivate cannabis at home is now a possibility for them.


Dispensaries licensed by the state must provide cannabis to people who plan to use cannabis recreationally. Their marijuana is still not allowed to be grown. In the future, they may be able to do so, but right now, they cannot.


We have taken a significant step forward today with the approval of regulations for medical marijuana home grows. According to Tremaine Wright, the chair of the Cannabis Control Board, the bill will surely improve the medical cannabis program in New York State.


Afterward, he emphasized the importance of safely storing plants and keeping them out of reach of minors. In the case of cannabis plants, patients must ensure that anyone under 21 cannot access them. Cannabis plants must also be kept locked and out of public sight.


The regulations allow cannabis and marijuana patients over 21 to grow three mature plants and three immature plants at home starting Oct 5, 2022. Buildings, parts of buildings, or areas occupied exclusively for residential purposes are considered private residences. A caregiver’s or patient’s growth is primarily dependent on the residence in which they live.


As long as caregivers serve multiple patients, they can grow twice as many mature plants as three immature plants.


Marijuana can be grown by caregivers for up to four patients at a time. There is still a limit to how many plants a caregiver can grow at home (six mature plants and six immature plants). Also, a caregiver cannot grow a patient’s allotted plants themselves if they are growing on their behalf.


A mature cannabis plant has visible buds on its flowering stem, while an immature cannabis plant does not have visible buds. Leases may also restrict growth by landlords.


Unless they stipulate in their lease that patients may not cultivate marijuana at home, they cannot limit their participation in the medical marijuana program. Landlords can keep a smoke-free policy on their properties, but medical marijuana card holders are not discriminated against.


Patients ages 18-20 are allowed to purchase medical marijuana products at marijuana dispensaries operated by the state. Their medical cannabis cannot be grown at home, and they cannot buy plants or seeds. The caregiver can assist them in this situation if they need it. Cannabis can be grown by caregivers so they can fulfill their need for medical marijuana and grow their cannabis.


Today’s vote from the Cannabis Control Board will ensure patients have the choices they deserve to access high-quality and safe cannabis medicine.


The New York medical marijuana program has been doing its best to provide access to cannabis for patients since the approval of medical marijuana in the state was granted. To improve access to cannabis, patients and caregivers should be able to grow their plants.


It is still the same process as before to obtain a medical marijuana card in New York, which is essential to note. A physician’s recommendation letter is required as a first step before a patient can receive a prescription. The New York Cannabis Program allows patients to register online with the program once they have been certified. Once you have registered, you will receive your card in the mail, which will let you legally buy and grow marijuana at home once you have received it.


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