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New York Medical Cannabis Home-Grow Finally Begins

New York Medical Cannabis Home-Grow Finally Begins

Now all registered patients can use medical cannabis in New York. This law was imposed on October 5, 2022. The caregivers can also start the legal cultivation of their medical cannabis.


On September 20, 2022, the official declaration was made during the public board meeting of the Cannabis Control Board (CCB). In that meeting, the modified regulations about home cultivation had been addressed. Throughout the previous year, the initial proposed guidelines underwent public feedback and revisions. But it didn’t go well as expected.

What You Need to Know About New York Medical Cannabis Home-Grow


It is important to acknowledge the achievements in the history of legalization within New York. We will make an effort to provide a detailed explanation of all the information.

Who Can Home-Grow Cannabis in New York?


The enactment of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) opened the door to the legalization of cannabis. According to MRTA, if the individual is 21 years old and living in New York, he or she can cultivate cannabis in their private residences. Unfortunately, the initial wording of the MRTA created confusion. The law specified that certified patients would have the opportunity to engage in home growing.

Where Can You Cultivate or Home-Grow Your Cannabis?


Individuals who are either patients or caregivers have permission to cultivate cannabis. They can cultivate cannabis within their personal space. Unfortunately, there are no existing options available for the establishment of community gardens.


The cultivation of medical cannabis for personal use is limited to the individual’s private space.


To ensure the safety of cannabis cultivation, the plants should be kept in a secure location. It is necessary to take reasonable precautions to prevent access to these plants. Reasonable measures could involve cultivating cannabis in an area that is not visible from public spaces. Additionally, it is important to lock the cannabis to prevent theft or loss. You can use locks, gates, doors, or other barriers for that purpose.


Any landlord cannot deny rental or impose negative consequences on a certified patient or designated caregiver for participating in medical cannabis activities in compliance with Cannabis Law, except in the following cases: (1) when doing so would result in the landlord losing a financial or licensing benefit under federal law or regulations. (2) when the property has implemented a smoke-free policy that prohibits the smoking of cannabis products on its premises.

How Many Plants Are New York Medical Patients Allowed to Home-Grow?


At no time, a certified patient is permitted to have possession of more than a total of three grown cannabis plants and three undeveloped cannabis plants.


At any given time, the number of cannabis plants allowed for cultivation in a private house is limited to six mature plants and six immature plants.


As per the regulations stated in section 222.15 of the penal law, individuals who are certified patients have the legal right to have five pounds of cultivated cannabis. This possession is lawful when it takes place within their private house.

What do the Regulations Say About Caregivers?


Reviewing the information about caregivers is an essential task that requires your attention. Despite the dedicated efforts of advocates, there has been no success in achieving improved plant counts. But, we remain optimistic that we can persist in our collaborative endeavors.


Authorized caregivers cultivating on behalf of a qualified patient have the allowance to nurture a greatest of three developed cannabis plants and three young cannabis plants. But what if the designated caregiver is also a certified patient? In that case, they are restricted to growing no more than three mature cannabis plants and three immature cannabis plants for personal use. Nonetheless, in the event that a designated caregiver tends to the needs of two or more certified patients, including themselves if applicable, the total number of mature cannabis plants and immature cannabis plants grown on their personal premises should not exceed six at any given time.

Where Do Medical Cannabis Patients Buy Cannabis Seeds and Plants?


The state OCM received many comments on this particular aspect of the regulations. When it comes to purchasing seeds, a number of people expressed their opinion. According to them, patients should have alternative options besides medical dispensaries. We regret to inform you that no modifications were made to the regulations in response to these comments.


Cannabis is not a recent addition to New York State or the entire country. The cultivation and exchange of cannabis genetics have been practiced among cannabis consumers. It is recognized that you will continue the tradition of preserving these genetic strains. We appreciate your commitment and passion in this regard.


It is not unusual to come across such a need in state medical programs, and Illinois also mandates it. But, this will not hinder our progress or our efforts to promote our cause.


According to 15.3 Home Cultivation Sale of Medicinal Cannabis. (a) The sale of medicinal cannabis plants for home cultivation is prohibited unless the seller has fulfilled the requirements outlined in the Cannabis Law. The seller must be a registered organization under Article 3 of the Cannabis Law. It should be noted that any federal laws, or regulations applicable should not be interpreted to include those that contradict or clash with this section or the Cannabis Law.

Who Can Qualify to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient in New York?


Did you know that New York achieved one of the most remarkable advancements this year in its medical marijuana program?


It is no longer necessary to associate yourself with a particular condition specified in a set of criteria. Authorized providers will now determine whether medical cannabis would be beneficial for you or not. This is quite remarkable!



So there you have it—New York’s medical cannabis home-grow program is finally underway! It’s an exciting development that brings a new level of freedom to patients in need.