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Why A Medical Card is Important for New York Patients?

Why A Medical Card is Important for New York Patients?

There is no doubt that marijuana was legalized for recreational use in New York for those over 21. Still, it may even now be beneficial to obtain a medical marijuana card. Several advantages are available to people who hold medical cards when purchasing cannabis. In this article, we look at the reasons people need medical marijuana cards in New York, along with some misperceptions about them.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card: Why Should You Do It?

Many people unaware of the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card are convinced that recreational cannabis is now legal in New York. Being a cardholder has some attractive benefits that make it worth getting the card.

Save more money


It is important to note that New York has a state excise tax on recreational marijuana, a state sales tax, and a city tax. As a result, a recreational cannabis customer will get to pay something in the neighborhood of 20 percent extra tax. Nevertheless, medical marijuana cards waive these taxes. Due to this method, you can quickly recoup the registration fee you pay for the medical card because you are not required to pay taxes with every purchase.


Recreational and medical menus are available

Cardholders of medical marijuana in New York have the option of ordering either from the recreational menus or the medical menus. A minimum of 35 percent of dispensaries’ inventory must be set aside for medical patients by the state. Your needs take priority over normal adult customers, so as a cardholder, you’re taken care of.


Limits on purchases


In the case of obtaining your medical card, the limits that apply to your purchases are different from those that apply to recreational customers. A medical cardholder is permitted to purchase a maximum of 10 ounces of flower or 60 days supply of medicine. Contrary to this, recreational consumers can only purchase up to one ounce of flowers at a time when purchasing marijuana. Adults and medical marijuana users can possess cannabis within a primary residence of up to 10 ounces. You do have to lock anything over an ounce, though.


Weed with greater potency


Another benefit comes with the possession of your own medical marijuana card, which is the ability to purchase stronger strains of cannabis. Generally, dispensaries that sell both medicinal and recreational cannabis will have some products that are restricted to medical users only.


Patients with medical conditions may require cannabis with a higher potency of THC and CBD, making premium products available to them.


Final Take

Besides New York, many other states in the U.S. and other countries abroad are considering legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical purposes as well. The convenience of over-the-counter cannabis consumption far outweighs the advantages of a medical marijuana card. Therefore, you must obtain one right away.