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Why Medical Marijuana Card Is Essential For New York Patients?

Why A Medical Marijuana Card Is Essential For New York Patients?

With the medical marijuana industry on the rise, it has become essential to obtain medical marijuana for patients. Undoubtedly, more than ten states, including New York, have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Despite this, it is not easy to buy medical marijuana and use it for their health. So that’s easy to access medical marijuana? Well, this is where medical marijuana comes into play. It helps you in getting access to medical marijuana from a legalized dispensary. In addition to lower prices, higher quantities, and changing age restrictions, those without a medical marijuana card also lose some legal protections.


This article explains some of the top benefits of having a New York Medical Marijuana Card that make it easy for you to access medical marijuana.



With a medical marijuana card, you are not just able to save money all year round. Still, you will also be able to shop for marijuana at a lower price than what people who purchase it from recreational retail outlets will pay. More states legalized marijuana for recreational use, and taxes on the product went up significantly. If you don’t opt for a medical card, you will spend more money on cannabis in the long run.


In many states, medical marijuana cards are exempt from taxes or have been lowered. In most states, recreational marijuana is subject to excise taxes ranging from 15-37%, while medical marijuana is subject only to standard taxes. When you regularly purchase medical cannabis products, you can save thousands of dollars annually by getting your card.

Cannabis dispensaries that serve only medical patients


By obtaining a medical marijuana card, you will have access to medical dispensaries across the state. While marijuana may be legal in some states, this does not mean that medical marijuana dispensaries are not available to those without medical marijuana cards, even those in states that allow the use of recreational marijuana. Those seeking medical assistance may choose from various available products, strains, and services.


As far as cannabis extracts are concerned, they are certainly not in short supply, and it seems impossible to keep up with all of them, their uses, their powers, and the benefits they have. To address the issues arising from possessing a medical marijuana card, customers also have access to medical doctors and cannabis practitioners who can inform them of the dosage to be taken to treat the particular condition they are suffering from.

Potency Is Stronger Than Recreational


Patients who receive medical marijuana also have access to higher potency marijuana than those who purchase cannabis recreationally. As directed by their state, many recreational marijuana retail shops follow specific potency limits.


It may be necessary for some medical patients to take a higher potency of THC or CBD to relieve their symptoms.


Cannabis edibles must contain no more than 100mg of THC, while tinctures and lotions can have no more than 1000mg. There is more latitude for dispensaries regarding potency levels, which is why lotions may contain up to 2000 mg of THC. Recreational products may not always be effective for all marijuana patients with medical conditions, as they require varying degrees of potency.

Protection from the law


People who hold med cards are protected under special laws in some states that have legalized medical marijuana. Medical marijuana cultivators and patients in California are exempt from criminal penalties for possessing or cultivating marijuana prescribed by their physicians under Proposition 215.


Medical cards are only helpful if you find yourself in legal trouble. Medical cards provide you with the backing of a licensed physician who supports cannabis’ therapeutic benefits.

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It’s good to see that there is a growing movement to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in the U.S. and abroad since so many states in the U.S. and other countries are taking this step. Despite this, many benefits are associated with acquiring a medical marijuana card over and above the convenience of buying recreational cannabis over the counter.


Thus, it is highly recommended that you get a card as soon as possible from us.