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420 Friendly Restaurants in NYC

420 Friendly Restaurants in New York (Top 10 List 2024)

Those who have been living in New York City for more than 3 years now surely remember the time when cannabis consumption wasn’t legal within the city. But things changed for good back in 2021 and the cannabis industry began its skyrocketing growth within the city of New York, making it even more accessible with the introduction of the NY marijuana card.



Since that fortunate year, cannabis has now become an active part of the city’s bustling life with 420 friendly restaurants and cafes offering some mouth-watering cannabis-infused delicacies to enjoy.



But as someone who is not yet very familiar with top cannabis-infused dishes and restaurants, we can tell that trying out new things can be a bit tricky. But hey, don’t you worry as here’s our guide to the top 10 420 restaurants in NYC that you must pay a visit to,

1. Empire Cannabis Club


If you’re someone who totally enjoys the lavishness of a lounge setting and prefers to enjoy your meal in an aesthetically pleasing serene setting, then Empire Cannabis Club is for you. You can already tell about the luxury and lavishness associated with the place when you have to buy an exclusive membership pass for dining.



The restaurant offers a blend of cannabis-infused delicacies that represent the urban New York City food dynamics as well as continental dishes to treat yourself after a long week.



The reviews gained by the restaurant are 5 out of 5 stars for most of the reviewers. A side note from our end, keep the Emire Cannabis Club on your list of restaurants to visit once in a while for quality food and time.

2. Hemp Lab NYC


We get it, not every day is the day when you want to visit a fancy restaurant with a proper dress code and enjoy some Instagram-worthy dishes. Sometimes, you just want to sit back and relax within the aesthetics of a warm and cozy nearby place. Hemp Lab NYC has worked on this idea and has evolved into a cannabis dispensary that offers yummy cannabis-infused dishes with an aesthetically pleasing sitting place.



There aren’t such specific delicacies offered by the restaurant. Apart from the usual cannabis dispensary products, chances are that you’ll be able to enjoy regular NYC-style dishes and edibles infused with cannabis.



So far, the ratings of the place have been pretty solid and it is safe to say that Hemp Lab NYC has developed into this perfect spot for cannabis enthusiasts throughout the country to sit and enjoy their favorite cannabis edibles.

3. Happy Munkey


The Happy Munkey will always retain their spot as the revolutionaries during an era when cannabis wasn’t legal to consume in NYC. Of course, back in those days, the Happy Munkey events were held in secret. Still, everyone remembers the historic NBC New York story on the secret cannabis restaurants and cafes like these. Today, things have changed for the good, and cannabis consumption is more open and talked about within New York.



This makes Happy Munkey a fun and enjoyable place for cannabis enthusiasts throughout the state looking to spend some quality time and enjoy their favorite cannabis-filled delicacies.



But what about the reviews? Well, as per the Google reviews, the restaurant is doing a pretty good job of keeping its customers happy and offering a fun time for everyone.

4. Rise Radio


If you’re a classic Brooklyn resident, Rise Radio won’t appear much more than a vegetarian restaurant combining vibes and vegetarian delicacies. But wait, the restaurant is not just any other green space to enjoy your favorite dishes as the cannabis-infused dishes are a specialty of the place.



From what we have observed, the restaurant is very firm on its goal of providing a ‘safe, inclusive community space focused on good vibes only!’. The restaurant allows you to be a firm vegetarian and a cannabis enthusiast at the same time.



Don’t worry about the reviews, the restaurant has an established place among New York’s vegetarian community offering a blend of cannabis-infused delicacies.

5. Astor Club


Another one of the fine dining clubs that you can enjoy for its exclusiveness and a super skilled cooking team presenting mouth-watering cannabis-infused dishes. Just like the Empire Cannabis Club, you need to have an exclusive membership to access the lounge area. The club also offers a range of assorted cannabis-infused desserts that you’ll definitely want to try again and again.



The club has built a strong fan base among individuals who prefer to blend their cannabis enthusiasm with fine dining. But again, this is a place to visit every once in a while.



Astor Club has also gained a note-worthy reputation in the entertainment industry with many popular celebrities becoming a fan of the club’s services and delicacies.

6. Come Back Daily


We can bet that you can already tell a lot about this cannabis shop/cafe from its name. Well, ‘Come Back Daily’ was launched with the initiative of making cannabis usage a regular thing now that the state of New York allows its residents to enjoy their favorite cannabis-infused products.



The store has a signature discovery bar where you can learn about CBD and even enjoy CBD samples in the form of various delicacies. It is worth mentioning that the customer service is a solid 10 out of 10.



If you’re an avid cannabis enthusiast who often likes to enjoy cannabis-infused dishes and edibles, then we highly recommend trying out ‘Come Back Daily’.

7. The Bamboo Cafe


The Bamboo Cafe holds the honor of being Brooklyn’s first-ever recreational cannabis lounge. The restaurant began its operations back in 2021, the year recreational cannabis became legal in New York. Since the day of its launch, the place has not disappointed its customers and investors alike.



However, you must be a member in order to access the cafe. But the membership doesn’t only allow you access to cannabis-infused dishes but you can enjoy the game room and a gift shop within the premises as well.



With tons of positive reviews on Google and other credible platforms, the Bamboo Cafe is surely a place for cannabis enthusiasts dwelling in Brooklyn, New York.

8. Stoned Pizza


Is there someone living in New York who hasn’t tried or at least heard about the classic New York-style pizza from their friends? We can bet there won’t be as the New York-style pizza has definitely made its way to the city’s very own pop culture. But wait a minute, what if there was a place offering cannabis-infused New York-style pizzas?



Well, good news fellas as Stoned Pizza is the place you’re looking for. The place offers cannabis-infused pizzas, top-notch side dishes, and a smoking lounge so you can savor every moment of your stay here.



We don’t think there is any other cannabis-focused restaurant in New York that has been talked about on social media as much as Stoned Pizza.

9. Freaky Dog


Freaky Dog is the embodiment of ‘think-different’. The place has a really creative approach when it comes to offering cannabis-infused dishes and acting as a cannabis lounge. Instead of the usual place for chit-chat, Freaky Dog offers a co-working space for anyone who’s looking for a place to work and light a joint.



This approach has worked wonders in favor of the place tempting more and more individuals to check it out for themselves. The customer support offered by the place is surely worth mentioning.



Plus, you can already tell about the buzz created by this place on social media and how unique of a concept this is.

10. Cafe Cannal


And when it comes to cannabis-focused restaurants in NYC, how can we possibly end the list without mentioning Cafe Cannal? As per their website, the cafe claims to be New York’s first-ever cannabis cafe and lounge. But that’s not all as the CBD-infused pastries and coffee is surely a try.



Apart from this, the cafe offers separate cannabis products for sale as well. Visitors can also enjoy their own cannabis products in the open spaces available.



When it comes to customer care, the cafe has a superb reputation. Being female-owned, the cafe is built on the idea of acceptance and inclusivity.