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Medical Marijuana Is Effective In Managing Epilepsy

Updated on Feb 9, 2021. Medical content reviewed by Dr. Fred Ashford, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

The world is constantly battling various health challenges. Epilepsy is one of them. As per a report, nearly 180,000 people are currently living with epilepsy in New York. It’s a neurological disorder that is characterized by painful seizures. Thankfully, with a medical marijuana card in ny, you can manage the condition effectively with the help of cannabis.

Epilepsy can be a barrier to normal life

In the event of painful seizures, leading a normal life can be extremely tough. It reduces brain activity and mental alertness. As a result, maintaining concentration is a major challenge. This hampers your productivity and focus. People with epilepsy might feel the trigger in presence of bright light and stressful situations. In fact, factors that can trigger epilepsy include stress, anxiety, alcohol intake, and drug abuse. Anxiety and irritative behavior are also very common in patients with epilepsy.


Now, talking about the treatment, most people use prescription medicines to manage the condition. These work but come with various harmful side-effects. So, they are not a good choice in the long run. Cannabis has emerged as a much better choice. It’s safe, natural, and works without any side-effects.

Cannabis and Epilepsy

Epilepsy impairs brain activity to a large extent. When you combine that with pain from seizures, the condition is really hard to manage. Cannabis has the necessary anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that are helpful in managing the symptoms of epilepsy. Medical marijuana channels a positive effect on the brain that helps in furnishing better thoughts in the absence of any mental friction. So, this goes a long way in improving your mental health. Along with that, the anti-inflammatory effects ensure that you feel no pain. Combining these, medical marijuana presents itself as a valid therapy for epilepsy patients.

How to use cannabis for managing epilepsy?

You can use cannabis in multiple forms for your health. Most people prefer to smoke but the laws in the state do not allow smoking, vaping, and using cannabis-infused edibles. The permissible forms include topicals, chewable tablets, oils, sprays, and liquids. So, make sure you respect the laws and ingest only what’s permitted. A good idea is to take help from a certified cannabis doctor who can study your health and inform you about taking the right dose.


The doctor’s analysis is important because it helps in detecting any underlying diseases or possible medicine interactions in the body. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a proper insight into using cannabis for your health. Doctors suggest that cannabidiol is particularly very effective for epilepsy. In fact, studies point to the same and a proper dose can do wonders in the treatment for epilepsy.

Final words

So, now as you know that cannabis is effective in managing epilepsy, you should get a NY medical marijuana card to get legal access to cannabis. Follow the dose suggested by the doctor and manage epilepsy effectively. Also, if possible avoid smoking at all costs. It’s not permitted and not a safe choice during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.