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Medical Marijuana for Pets in New York

Medical Marijuana for Pets in New York

In New York, legislators are discussing a bill to include pets in the state’s medical marijuana program. Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, who originally proposed this bill, said it would have the potential to change the entire world of cannabis medicine as we know it. At this point, it is awaiting approval from the State Assembly Health Committees and the Senate to proceed to the next stage of development of the legislation. It is not just going to be beneficial for our pets if we take cannabis-based medicines off the market, but it can also be beneficial for people generally. Find out what the bill means for pet owners and the future of pets.


Why Legalize Cannabis for Pets?


The reason Amy Paulin came up with this bill may surprise you. In the United States, the opioid crisis directly impacts how veterinarians prescribe medicines. Veterinarians sometimes cannot prescribe opioid painkillers because they are worried that the owners will take them instead. These medications aren’t as effective as opioids and cost more money. There are too few options available to veterinarians and pet owners, which leads to limited care. As a result, pets often have to take prescription medicines which do not always provide them with the relief they need.


However, there is a good reason why veterinary professionals should be cautious about prescribing opiates to their patients. The problem of opioid dependence has become so common in the United States that over 115 people stop surviving each day because of a drug overdose because of drug addiction. 


Especially in Westchester County, which is undergoing an opioid epidemic, it’s no wonder the vets are taking so many precautions when handling patient opioids. New York pets suffering from pain and seizures need non-opioid treatment. The medical use of marijuana is an ideal solution.

What pet owners need to know


Pet owners widely use hemp-based products to treat the symptoms of their companions with. There are several states across this country where hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is legal, helping pets feel like they are back to their old selves again. It is important to note that CBD does not contain any of the psychoactive compounds that we associate with marijuana, which means pet lovers do not have to worry about any harmful side effects of the substance. Having relief from seizures, anxiety, and pain can be beneficial to both dogs and cats.



Nevertheless, there is no veterinarian approval for some of these remedies, so owners are left to guess the right dose by themselves. A cardholder in some states can purchase pet medicine at a dispensary while they shop for their medications at another dispensary. Several dispensary staff members still do not receive any training concerning pet treatment – not to mention that the doctor who recommends it probably does too. CBD oil in New York is completely safe for pets when dosed correctly, but owners are not always equipped with the knowledge they need to ensure their pets aren’t in danger if they use it. Cannabis-based medicine for pets can be a very effective way to help both new and experienced animals enjoy the benefits of CBD.


The Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Pets and Humans in New York 


It would be very beneficial for veterinarians to add cannabis medicine to their repertoire to help animals in the following ways:


  • Treatment options


Currently, only a limited number of non-opioid medicines veterinarians can prescribe for pets. There are times when only more expensive medications are effective at relieving symptoms, which is burdensome for people on lower incomes. It is sometimes impossible to find an option that works well enough. Access to and effectiveness of medical marijuana will increase.


  • The best kind of relief: 


How CBD interacts with each pet will differ, but for some, CBD is a miracle cure that can bring excellent results. After taking CBD for a while, some owners have found that they can play and enjoy their chronically ill pets again. 


Others use it to solve many animal anxieties, including a reaction to fireworks and being left at home alone by their owners. In addition to people, pets also have a medication that works best with their bodies, so it’s no different for them than it is for people. CBD treatment would greatly benefit many pets, some of whom would enjoy it the most.


  • The healthiest, happiest humans: 


The benefits of CBD for pets can’t be overestimated, as pet owners and non-owners will significantly benefit from it. By making cannabis medicine available to patients, it can further reduce their access to harmful opioids. In addition to improving physical health, this change might also improve mental health. Most people consider pets part of their family, so it is essential to ensure they have access to affordable and effective medication to help them feel better.\


This bill will undoubtedly lead to even more improvements if legalized in New York. In line with their name, holistic health options can provide a more comprehensive approach to health care.

Cannabis Medicine for Pets: What to Consider


If you are giving your pet buddy hemp or cannabis medicine, you must pay attention to the dosage.


Since animals are smaller than humans, how they respond to lower doses of drugs is very different from that of humans. When using marijuana-based pet medicine, it is essential to keep the following tips in mind:


  • Consult a veterinarian before using THC: 


Cannabis provides psychoactive effects because of its active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Even though some pet owners enjoy the euphoric feeling provided by THC, it is important to keep in mind that it can be incredibly dangerous for your dog or cat. Vomiting and disorientation are some of the adverse effects that may occur.


  • Keep your pet away from human medicine: 


Similarly to cannabis medicine that can be prescribed to humans, marijuana-based pet medicine can also be prescribed for specific medical needs according to the patient’s situation. A high amount of THC or other ingredients which can be harmful to animals may be present in human medicine. If you are giving your pet medication, make sure that it contains ingredients that have been approved for animals.


  • Safely obtain medicine: 


According to the New York bill, pet owners must have a medical marijuana card or a registration system will be in place. It is essential to follow the process outlined by the state no matter how the logistics are developed. Be careful in selecting a CBD medicine, and make sure you carefully evaluate the product’s source and the company from which it came.

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