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Can A Tourist Apply For A MMJ Card In New York?

Can A Tourist Apply For A MMJ Card In New York?

No matter how marijuana was used in the past. But today, the usage of cannabis has reached its peak among people of NYC. Thus, the best part is that the state of NY has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana in New York, which is entirely pleasurable for patients dealing with several health issues. 


Medical Marijuana can treat ailments and diseases such as chronic pain, anxiety, stress, or other health issues. On top of that, if you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, the patient must have a Medical Marijuana card.


But what if you are a tourist? Can you still get a Medical cannabis card in NY? How exactly does a tourist get their Medical Marijuana prescription? If you are juggling these questions, let’s figure it out. 


How does a tourist get a Medical Marijuana card in NY?


Firstly to understand how a foreigner will get a Medical Marijuana card in NY, it is essential to determine how a NY resident will get a Medical Marijuana card. In that case, the elements of NY health issues are similar and depend upon the place you are in NY. 


Thus, to get a Medical Marijuana card, the patients should have a good condition that the state defines as qualifying. After this, the patients need to get approval from the doctors and then register themselves at the state portal to apply for a Medical Marijuana card. 


It is pretty simple to get a cannabis card in NY as a resident, but now it is time to know how a foreigner will get their Medical Marijuana card. 


How to get medical cannabis card as a non-resident in NY?


A non-resident is not permitted to live in New York while also not physically present in NY, which might confuse you. A Medical Marijuana card in NY as a non-resident has limited options. In most states, the laws offer Medical Marijuana cards to patients who are residents of the state. 


So the question comes, how will you get a Medical Marijuana card in NY when you don’t live in that state? You might not be eligible for a Medical Marijuana card in NY, but several states provide non-resident medical marijuana cards. 


You need a driving license in that particular state, and a patient doesn’t need to provide any sought residential proof in such places. However, ensure that a non-resident should not travel with Medical Marijuana across the borders, which can cause legal issues. 


How to an immigrant can get their Medical Marijuana card in New York?


The idea of living as an immigrant in NY is quite controversial. But thanks to the GDP and impressive living standard, many immigrants see NY as a haven. Undoubtedly, entering any country and becoming a resident is quite challenging, so sometimes, a person must cross the border and live and work in NY illegally. 


The ratio of immigrants possessing into NY illegally is higher than immigrants who are coming to NY legally. However, as a legal immigrant in NY, no one can stop you from getting Medical Marijuana. No law prohibits a person from being a full immigrant to NYC, and the only thing you need to show is your proof of residency. 


The immigrants can show any document which proves that they live in NYC at the time of Medical Marijuana. If not, then they aren’t eligible for the card. However, the immigration officials in New York have limited the number of immigrants and nearly accepted fewer immigrants to enter the state. But if you have already applied for a Medical Marijuana card, you will have a green card and become a NY citizen by that time. 


However, although the usage of medical marijuana in New York is legalized, there is no reason that you can take it without having a medical marijuana card. So it is advised that you should not take Medical Marijuana even if you are acceptable to take it from a green card holder. 


This is because you might violate the requirement that you should meet for becoming a New York citizen. So it is better to wait to get citizenship first and then opt for medical marijuana. Besides, the immigrants are also not allowed to travel with medical marijuana. 


Final thoughts 


Thirty-three states allow the usage of marijuana for medical purposes, and ten states allow for recreational use. Despite all this, if you are not a resident of NY, then it is pretty challenging to get your hands on medical cannabis card. 


However, some places don’t check where the applicants live. They only check the proof of residency. 


That means any foreigner who has processed their application as an immigrant legally can get a Medical Marijuana prescription. 


Thus, the only way to get a medical marijuana card is by booking an appointment with the doctors, examining yourself, finding out whether you meet the qualifying conditions, and showing proof of identity and residency. 


But you can only follow these steps in New York when you are residing there legally. Thus, if you are not living in NYC, it is next to impossible to apply for a medical marijuana card and access cannabis legalization. 


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