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Steps To Register as a Medical Marijuana Patient or Caregiver

  • Getting certified:

  • In order to register as a medical marijuana patient in New York, you first need to be certified by a medical marijuana doctor. Also, you must be diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions mentioned as per the state’s law.

  • Log in to your MY NY account:

  • account allows you to access all the services provided by the state government of New York. In order to get access to your account, you first need to register yourself with the portal. For step by step guide on how to create an account, click here.

  • Apply via the marijuana management system:

  • Now that you have access to your account, it is time to apply for your New York medical marijuana card via the portal. Click on ‘Health Applications’ then further click on the ‘Medical Marijuana Data Management System’ once the drop-down menu opens.

    If you’re new to all of this and need a step-by-step guide to help you through, you can click on the ‘Help’ section. The patients and designated will now need to fill out all the necessary details, upload any required document, and pay the $50 application fee before finalizing and submitting the application for approval. For the time being, the $50 fee is not being charged by the state of New York.

  • Designating a caregiver:

  • If you’re not yet 18 but do qualify for a medical marijuana card, the state of New York allows you to apply for the MMJ card by registering a designated caregiver to aid you with marijuana consumption and purchase. A patient requiring additional help with marijuana consumption or possession for any reason may also register a designated caregiver as per the law.

  • Waiting for your approval:

  • Once your application is submitted, the relevant authorities will go through it and update you in due time regarding any decision taken, If approved, you’ll be able to get a temporary registry ID through your portal.

  • Accessing marijuana products:

  • The temporary registry ID does allow you to purchase and possess medical marijuana products in New York. Your physical medical marijuana card will be mailed to you by the relevant department in a few days at best.

Information about registered organizations in New York State can be found by clicking here.

Other Important Registration Information:

1. Certified patients and designated caregivers must always carry their registry ID card whenever they possess approved medical marijuana products.

2. Medical marijuana products may not be transported outside of New York State.

3. New York State does not accept certifications or registry ID cards from other states.