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Is Weed Legal In New York?

Is Weed Legal In New York?

After years of attempting to make weed legal in New York, Governor Cuomo finally enacted legislation last week allowing for the sale and use of weed. While New York state is now on track to become one of the largest marijuana markets in the country, many of the changes have yet to come into effect. 


New York state has now legalized recreational marijuana use. In addition, Washington, D.C., is the 15th state in the nation to allow recreational use of marijuana. 


Additionally, there will be a delay in letting people grow plants at home for at least a few months.


Earlier this month, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the cannabis legislation into law, which immediately legalized cannabis products for those 21 years of age or older, setting the stage for an industry that, according to estimates, could be worth $4.2 billion by the year 2023.


According to the 128-page bill, the newly created Office of Cannabis Management and Cannabis Control Board will be responsible for any decisions regarding regulating the marijuana industry in the state.


The situation probably raises questions for you—a quick guide to New York’s weed laws.


About weed in New York


Upon the implementation of the law, one of the essential parts that instantly becomes effective is that individuals can possess up to three ounces of cannabis for recreational purposes (or 24 grams of cannabis in the case of more concentrated forms like oils, for that matter).


While it is legal to have up to five pounds of marijuana at home as long as it is adequately secured, home cultivation of marijuana is not currently permitted. You can smoke marijuana anywhere in public that allows tobacco smoking, but it should be noted that you cannot smoke marijuana inside a car, in a school, or in your workplace.


Several restrictions about the use of marijuana may be imposed by the Cannabis Control Board, as well as specific municipalities within the state.


In the aftermath of legal sales and home cultivation:


  • Licensed retailers will sell cannabis products to adults.
  • A cannabis plant can be grown at home by an adult up to three times. A maximum of six plants can be grown in a household consisting of at least one adult and at least three immature plants.
  • In the future, adults will be allowed to store as much cannabis as they want in their homes.
  • There are places in cities and towns where people can consume cannabis on-site.


Is it okay to smoke anywhere?


As of now, New Yorkers can legally smoke marijuana anywhere they can smoke tobacco. However, a newly formed state agency may restrict the practice further in the coming weeks. Schools, workplaces, and cars are all no-smoking zones. Since tobacco is also banned there, smoking in the parks, beaches, and boardwalks of NYC is still technically illegal.


Will there be places in the city you can go to smoke?


It won’t be long before New Yorkers can use the drug in lounges around the city at “consumption sites,” but that may still be several months away. Is this also on the horizon? Eventually, you can cultivate six plants in your home and get the drug legally delivered.


Health Effects


It has been challenging to study the health effects of cannabis due to its legal status. Cannabis is being legalized in more states for medicinal and adult use, which has increased research on its benefits and risks. Despite this, cannabis is still regarded by the federal government as a Schedule I controlled substance, which limits the study of cannabis in many ways.


Based on the current research, the information below provides evidence that cannabis can positively impact health in several ways. Nevertheless, more information must be obtained to understand better the effects of cannabis on health as well as the risks associated with using it.



Some conditions can be treated with cannabis:


  • Adults with chronic pain
  • A nausea-inducing side effect of chemotherapy
  • Spasticity symptoms of multiple sclerosis


Safer Use


For safer cannabis use, here are a few tips:


  • When driving after using, avoid doing so


Any substance, including cannabis, could cause the driver to be impaired or under the influence of any substance, which could be dangerous or illegal. Driving while high is not a good idea, and it is more likely that you will die in an accident if you drive while impaired, and you may also harm yourself and others.


  • Don’t use too much cannabis too quickly. 


Some cannabis strains produce more potent effects than others, and there are different forms and strains of cannabis. Some cannabis strains and forms can have a delayed effect. A full impact of edibles may not be felt for up to four hours after consumption. Take a small amount first and see how it affects you before taking more. Take it slow and start low.


  • Do not take different drugs at the same time.


When cannabis is combined with other drugs, including alcohol, unpredictable effects can result. Talking to your health care provider if you are taking prescription drugs is essential.


  • Whenever possible, avoid rolling or mixing cannabis with tobacco. 


A safe level of tobacco use for yourself or those around you does not exist, nor does a safe level of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure.


You should discuss cannabis use with your medical provider to determine how it may affect your other medical problems. If you suffer from chronic or acute health conditions, the effects of cannabis may differ from person to person.


Make sure you stay away from synthetic cannabinoids or K2. There is no cannabis in them, and there is no way to predict how synthetic cannabinoids will react, and the effects may differ from what cannabis has to offer.


  • Don’t let minors access cannabis. 


Some children have mistakenly eaten cannabis disguised as food due to its resemblance to food. It is essential to keep edibles in their area if you have them in your home, along with other foods and beverages. To keep cannabis products safe, you should keep them in a place that no person under 21 can access or see.

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Don’t leave too early. Wait a moment before you go. According to the information above, smoking marijuana is also restricted in New York, as there are some other limitations. So before you make your decision, make sure to keep in mind all the aspects that are important to you.


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