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Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries in New York State

Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries in New York State

New York state authorities legalized medical marijuana a few years back. Since its legalization, it has been preferred as the most common medicine to treat serious conditions like cancer.


Medical marijuana is not like general medication. To get medical marijuana in New York, visit the state-authorized cannabis dispensary. Are you struggling to find cannabis dispensaries in New York State? No worries, here we have covered the list of top cannabis dispensaries to shop for medical marijuana.


Top Cannabis Dispensaries in New York


Here is the list of some of the top medical marijuana dispensaries in New York that serves patients in getting the best quality cannabis:


Verilife Cannabis Dispensary | Amherst


Located close to Buffalo, NY, and Niagara Falls, Verilife’s Amherst medical marijuana dispensary is convenient to both. It has been operating since 2016. As a medical marijuana dispensary, Verilife Amherst offers a variety of cannabis products, including concentrated products and flowers. In addition to this, they offer topical salves, ingestible, and ingestibles as well. The Verilife Amherst location is on North French Road near Sweet Home Road in Buffalo, Niagara Falls.


As part of Verilife Amherst, medical patients can access a variety of vapes, ingestibles, and topical salves, as well as a variety of medications.


Sunnyside Dispensary – Williamsburg


There are several cannabis products available at Sunnyside Dispensary – Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, besides offering the best service.


The Wellness Advisors and Pharmacists are friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to guiding you on your wellness journey, and their mission is to help you reach your health and wellness goals. They make shopping for cannabis simple. You can choose from our live menu, order online, and pick up in-store. Shopping for cannabis is made easy.


Wib Cannabis Dispensary


Among the many cannabis shops in Buffalo, WIB CANNABIS is considered by many to be the best. Wib Cannabis Dispensary is committed to providing superior cannabis products to the city of Buffalo (NY) in a quick, easy, and convenient manner.


The WiB Cannabidiol Dispensary was founded by Buffalo stoners who were passionate about marijuana and wanted to open a marijuana dispensary. Their goal was to establish a brand that would promote the cannabis lifestyle.


The goal of Wib Cannabis Dissubry’s founding was to make sure that customers had an enjoyable and fair shopping experience so that they could keep coming back to us.


It should be noted that the delivery of cannabis to clients is free and unlimited. However, you will have to pay some expenses regarding packaging and other materials. When New York passed new laws, a new business model was created.


Leaflyweed – Marijuana Delivery


There is more to LeaflyWeedNYC than just an online shop. The store is affiliated with LeaflyweedNYC and offers pick-up services. The CBD products of your choice can be ordered online. Your loved one would appreciate a gift of some medical products you plan to give.


With Leaflyweednyc’s official website, it is possible to send CBD and marijuana hash products to your loved ones, and delivery is also provided promptly. Whether you live in New York City or want to find weed online, is the best place. You can find affordable marijuana products online.




In the early ‘90s, two brothers from Queens, one from the Bronx and the other from Queens, came together to form MetroBud.


This organization was created when the weed prohibition and pandemic were high in 2020. According to the company website, the Upper West Side location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is expected to open in February 2022.


Over the past several years, they have built a network of the country’s top breeders, cultivators, and processors to provide NYC with the best cannabis.


The company’s objective was to provide a wide selection of marijuana products in a reasonable price range, ranging from low-end to high-end, including edibles and concentrates. As a veteran-run business, they are dedicated to serving veterans.


Indoor Cannabis


A recreational dispensary in NYC, Indoor Cannabis aims to provide high-quality products and the information necessary for the successful use of cannabis. As a company, Indoor Cannabis is motivated by the desire to legitimize its business.


They aim to create an environment where all individuals may enjoy marijuana-related products safely and comfortably while upholding a commitment to care, education, honesty, and openness. To become New York’s best recreational dispensary, Indoor Cannabis is still working to develop its business and learn from its customers.


Weed NYC


You can trust Weed NYC to manufacture high-quality hemp-derived products. As a result, the products provide various benefits, including calming, soothing, and nourishing properties. These items will take little time to become a part of your daily routine.


You can find the best hemp-derived products at the dispensaries by having a professional assist you. A licensed, tested, and approved producer is involved in this process.


It was all about giving clients an unforgettable cannabis experience. In addition to providing the highest quality therapeutic drugs, Weed NYC aims to provide the best customer service.


In addition to being a well-established Hemp Product Dealer, they were established in 2000. The dedicated team at Weed NYC believes that nature can bring balance and harmony to the lives of its customers. All of their products reflect this philosophy.


The Botanist


Buffalo, New York’s first medical cannabis dispensary, The Botanist, opened in November 2018. In addition to being centrally located, the Buffalo Exchange Street Amtrak Station is just a five-minute walk from the medical dispensary. To meet our Buffalo medical cannabis dispensary’s closing time, you must arrive at least one hour before closing.


Sativa Remedy


One of the licensed dispensaries in New York that sells hemp plants grown by minority-owned companies, Sativa Remedy, is owned by a woman. There is a wide variety of high-quality hemp products that Sativa Remedy offers, all of which have been carefully curated and have been tested to ensure that they are safe, reliable, and affordable to be used. As well as providing education and guidance, they also provide high-quality products to help you find your remedy. Throughout your stay, you will be assisted by friendly and helpful staff. Hemp cultivars from skilled hemp farmers have been tested and vetted. Before offering high-CBD strains to customers, each strain is carefully selected and tested for quality. Hemp growers who are small have a reputation for cultivating high-quality medicine.




Bringing you the highest quality marijuana products is one of the essential things Bmillz strives to achieve. This product is intended for people who cannot obtain them independently.


As a company known for its clothing and patches, Bmillz offers the best quality cannabis products. Gifts of cannabis include edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, concentrates, cartridges, and carts, in addition to pre-rolls, concentrates, and marijuana gifts. Cannabis is not a business Bmillz operates, and there is no public access to marijuana products.


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Now you have a list of the top cannabis dispensaries in New York. If you are also one of the patients seeking to buy cannabis for your medical treatment. It is time now, go for the dispensaries and get your medicine now.